Story of KoleMozter

Hi, I’m KoleMozter!

KoleMozter! Series! It’s a colorful Monzter! Coming out from my depressing situation, when I feel stressed I love to draw, it can cool me down and bring my spirits back and I never give up!. KoleMozter is 1/1 made by Jaya Negara (The Artist) from Bali Indonesia, All the drawings are made carefully one by one using a common drawing software with a simple brush and coloring technique, That’s what makes the KoleMozter! such a valuable collection.

Far away in the seventh layer of the digital world, there is a world called the MoztaVerse. MoztaVerse is a digital world where there are millions of monsters that have strange and scary faces, but they live side by side in peace. Most of them work to mine precious stones, namely crypto. Crypto stones are their source of life and strength. if they don’t have enough Crypto they will die slowly. From millions of monsters there lived a monster named Kole, he had a strange, funny, and colorful face, but his friends and family didn’t like it, they wanted Kole to look scary like other monsters in MoztaVerse. But without knowing that Kole has a magical power that is able to change himself into any other creature he wants, just by touching something he wants then in a few minutes he will change, but it can’t last long, because it requires a lot of cryptos to last long. Kole was ostracized by his friends and family and he lives in an abandoned mine cave, now he is on an adventure to find new friends and a new family who can accept him as he is, without having to turn himself into another creature in the Moztaverse world!


The Character

It’s a little Cute Monster that came out of my imagination, Each Monzter I draw myself using by hand using drawing software with a simple brush and coloring technique, Every single element is drawn manually and not copied from clipart or copyright images from the internet.

The Background

I love detailed pattern drawing! All of this background pattern I draw myself manually by hand, every pattern is unique and not copied from someone else artwork, so it’s pure original!

The Big Boss!

She is my daughter 6 years old, she is the Big Boss of this KoleMozter Characters

The Artist

My Name is Jaya Negara, 37 years old, a father of 3 lovely daughters, and I am from Bali Indonesia. I am a graphic designer and website developer for over 20 years. I build my own creative agency company in 2004, still running now. I am creating the KoleMozter using photoshop and a mouse on my computer. I drew with simple brush tools all are hand drawing, I never use clip art or take someone’s image or artwork and placed it into my drawing. It’s a completely original drawing by me, that is the value of my artwork. My biggest dream is to work with an animation studio and create KoleMozter movie!

Financial Advisor

She is the most beautiful and strong woman in Bali she is my financial advisor and takes care of the Big Boss and she also can cook delicious food especially Balinese food. So if you come and visit us here in Bali we will serve the best Balinese food for you