Kole Mozter Farm & Park Bali

From the NFT Family to Reality

The Idea

Kole Mozter Club is one of the NFT projects created by Jaya Negara from the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia. From the NFT Community into a reality is the goal of this Kole Mozter Club Project. We want to bring the power of the community into a proper real business in real life to give benefits to our Kole Mozter Club members. We love and care about children, family, education and nature, that’s why we came up with the idea of Kole Mozter Farm & Park Bedugul Bali as a recreation park and education.

All the Kole Mozter Club members from all around the world are welcome to visit the Kole Mozter Farm & Park in Bali, we also built a nice glamping to stay and hang out with family. Here are some properties that we will build:

  • Huge parking area for car & bus
  • Beautiful farm & park
  • Glamping & Small villa area to stay and for rent
  • Visitor Facilities (beautiful photo spot, rest room)
  • Restaurant & Coffee Shop
  • Toy’s & NFT gallery
  • Merchandise Shop


The location of Kole Mozter Farm & Park is the natural mountain area of Bedugul Bali Indonesia. Many people visit this place during the weekend and holiday season for recreation with family and friends. The place is very cool with a beautiful lake view, there are various kinds of plants and trees.


By buying our Kole Mozter Club NFT collection you are part of this journey. The collections are in ETH, Polygon/Matic and Tezos blockchain. You can find the Kole Mozter Club NFT Collection in Opensea and Objkt.


Assets / Projects Funds
Buy a Land (2000m2) $250.000
Building, Properties & Facilities $150.000
Operational & Management $25.000
Merchandise $25.000
TOTAL $450.000

Business Plan

Farm & Park Entrance Ticket Price
Adult IDR 100.000
Children (5-12) IDR 50.000
Baby (0-5) Free
Glamping Rental / Night IDR 500.000
Restaurants & Merchandise Sales